IGI Ambassador, DREAM JOB
April 25, 2018

After graduation, most of the students have different paths they would like to take. Some would choose to rest and take a vacation as to compensate for the several years of working hard to get their diploma. And when I say vacation it could mean staying at home or explore places by travelling to different destinations. But there are those who simply cannot handle the idea of staying idle. . They want to get a job right away.

Sooner or later, they will look for a job and start working. It will be fun and exciting at first, but the cycle just goes on. Reality will hit and slowly they will start to feel that exhaustion again. The same feeling they felt on their academic years, but this time with a higher level of stress and pressure. Different issues and concerns come in like politics in the office, mistreatment by their boss or officemates, more than 8 hours of work and the most common of all is the “low compensation” issue. Unlike school, after working your ass off by investing numerous hours of studying and reviewing, you’ll surely get that satisfactory reward of getting those A’s. But now, after spending hours every day in front of a computer, writing numerous letters and proposals. And let’s not forget the stress of presenting a lot of reports and meeting different people just to close deals. We give and sacrifice so much time and energyl only to get the same salary every month, and worse is that the load just gets heavier each day but the salary stays constant.

Aren’t you tired of that? Do you want to give yourself what you deserve? Enough of the cycle you face tirelessly everyday! Achieve your dream job as an Ambassador with Infinity Global Inc!



As an Ambassador (Dealer), you don’t need to have a very large amount of capital. With just a minimum of P1,000, you can already start your business and earn as much as you want.


That dream of traveling, ever-desired long time of sleep, to be forever present on all occasions and gatherings are just a one step away from you! Be a dealer. As you deal with your customers, you can always set your own phase and time on accepting orders and delivery of their purchases.


As you see your business growing and your customers being satisfied with your services and products, you start to know the movement of your market. You also have that chance to be educated with sales, marketing and of course how to deal with different people.

These are just some of the advantages of being the boss of your own dealership business. Instead of choosing the traditional corporate job, try something new, ‘cause why not?

Infinity Global Inc. (IGI) is an organization, aspiring to see people live up to their optimal capacity, by sharing business opportunities in the way of skills training and management. We see ourselves as an aid to the community around us in its venture of producing responsible, excellent, and competent citizens who will be paragons of excellence in their respected industries, community and family.

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